Just got this today...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh yea! Been playing the hell out of it ever since.

The last time I played Marvel Vs Cacpcom 2 was when I still had a Dreamcast, so yea It's been a while.

Since it's a fighting game from an old franchise, I've decided to go with the ones I'm used to using. I'm going with Wolverine, Magneto, and Spiderman. They work great, if not better.

Wolvie's been sped up a bit, making it even more possible to tie a HIGH Berserker Barrage from a running/standing 3-hit combo.

Ol' Magneto's still the same move-wise. His ever annoying Hyper Gravitation, and Electromagnetic Disruptor are still around. So far I can only see a couple cons with Maggie. His flight move is shorter now, his HIGH Hyper Gravitation fizzles out just short of full screen range. Oh, and they changed his voice from "old perv", to "smarmy elitist", which I guess fits the bill in a way.

Spiderman's still quick. Which is why I have him on my team. Nothing wrong with him as far as I can see.

The new characters are tempting as well. Might wanna try my hand at Dante, Deadpool, and Chris Redfield.

My wife's having a ton of fun with Chun Li, X-23, and Felicia. So yea, you can tell she's a combo fiend.

Will post more as I go along.