Hangin' out with the old crew.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I moved out of Merville paranaque last year. It was bittersweet. I do miss my buds. So when they demanded that I show up to the Christmas party, I was floored with excitement! I just had to go! And I did! And I was glad.

The party was held at Brazil, Brazil (or something like that) at the Fort. Lovely place. Pricey chow though.

Me, Edric, and Zer.

More of me, Edric, and Zer.

Martin's loving his new camera.

William, and me.

Brenold and Denise.

Jo, and her bro, Jay.

William waits for his next meal.

Amanda, and Chebz. What's with the emo faces, guys?

Denise, and William.

Zer, and Martin's son, Jeff. I love playing with that kid, If only he wasn't so scared of me.

Of course, arriving fashionably late, Cocoy and Tiff enter the scene. Here, Cocoy's showing our secret handshake. Well that's what I was told when I was younger. Nice to see you too, f√úcker. Hehehehe.

Jeff, Cocoy, and William.

Jeff loves Uncle William the most.

After that, Cocoy invited us to his house for a round of Wii in Merville. Man, I really missed the place. It was nice seeing the familiar streets. Hell, even the guards remembered me.

And finally Edric, looking dumb. Some things never change.

Aya-chan's teambuilding rideout

Hung out with Aya and her team during their teambuilding thing in Cavite. It was at a place called Fisher's Farm. Some sorta resort. This should be a hoot.

7am. Insular Life building parking lot. Too damn early to be awake. On a weekend.

Aya came along for the ride. You could tell cause I don't own anything pink.

My bike, and my boss' bike.

Me and Jamie horsing around.

Me and Aya being bored.

More "waiting for everybody else to show up" pics.

Tough guy, and tough gal.
At last the time to ride out came, and we made out first stopover. Total Gas, Alabang, for Ice.

This is Daang Hari at 60kmh. Trippy.

Made it to Cavite alive. But man,was I sleepy.

Yes, That's a whole lot of soda behind me. Hence the grin.

Passing out in 3... 2... 1...

Aya's itchin' to hit the pool. There's no way she's getting me in te pool.

Somehow I woke up in the COLDEST hot tub in the world. You could tell I was having fun. Turns out the resort people thought it would be cool to have a jacuzzi with only the water jets installed. Brrr...
Later on, the team hung out at Total, Alabang to get inebriated.

Aya was getting dizzy with the gas fumes, and I was getting pissed at the flash thingy.

Thumbs up!

Boss Emgrey's all smiles.

I can't even remember how much I ate during this trip.

AYA: Chew your food!
BOOGIE: Not now. Eating.

Maxine: A Yamaha VMAX Fantasy...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Maxine, why must you tease me so?

Rubbing elbows with my Dragstar...

All shiny and stuff...

Astride the mighty VMAX...

One day, my love... One day...

Another Saturday with the NOS boyz...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Saturday afternoon at Gil's. Being single has its perks.

Here's Jon, and Edward working on the Dragstar.

In walked this rare beauty. A Yamaha TDM850. That's one sexy Baja bike.

To pass the time away, I decided to play with Gil's grandson, Miguel. This guy chuckles when he hears an engine revving. I love him already.

No, that's not Pepe Smith. He's Brent. Some goofy American who's imagining strange noises coming from his engine. Man, I dunno if it's drugs you gotta stop taking, or drugs you gotta start taking, but man, do something!

After giving the Dragstar the spa treatment, we decided to stretch our legs. Gil took me blasting through Macapagal, where we stopped for a quick meal at Jollibee.

Here's Gil's Steed, and my Dragstar.

Later on that evening, we met up with Ed, Cynthia, Jon, Jauhn, Edwin, and Noel at a little cafe inside Multinational village. Loved the BBQ. After eating our fill we discussed some activities for the group like a charity ride, and our much-awaited iron butt ride to Pampanga. Can't wait for that one.