Hangin' out with the old crew.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I moved out of Merville paranaque last year. It was bittersweet. I do miss my buds. So when they demanded that I show up to the Christmas party, I was floored with excitement! I just had to go! And I did! And I was glad.

The party was held at Brazil, Brazil (or something like that) at the Fort. Lovely place. Pricey chow though.

Me, Edric, and Zer.

More of me, Edric, and Zer.

Martin's loving his new camera.

William, and me.

Brenold and Denise.

Jo, and her bro, Jay.

William waits for his next meal.

Amanda, and Chebz. What's with the emo faces, guys?

Denise, and William.

Zer, and Martin's son, Jeff. I love playing with that kid, If only he wasn't so scared of me.

Of course, arriving fashionably late, Cocoy and Tiff enter the scene. Here, Cocoy's showing our secret handshake. Well that's what I was told when I was younger. Nice to see you too, f√úcker. Hehehehe.

Jeff, Cocoy, and William.

Jeff loves Uncle William the most.

After that, Cocoy invited us to his house for a round of Wii in Merville. Man, I really missed the place. It was nice seeing the familiar streets. Hell, even the guards remembered me.

And finally Edric, looking dumb. Some things never change.


. : DRAGORO : . said...

Girl in black shirt. Friggin cute..

Brenold said...

wow boogs u have a blog?
lol @ the amanda fan above me
i found this by googling myself (vain bastard) haha