Wishlist: Motorcycle Luggage

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wether it's on a sportbike, or on a cruiser, I'm always a tourer. So I did some internet window shopping, and I stumbled onto these goodies from Kuryakyn. And no, they're not paying me. I just simply, genuinely lust after these items.

1. The Kuryakyn Granthrow-Over Saddlebags

These things are mega-huge! perfect for girlfriends with huge handbags! Can we even call them handbags? Maybe handsacks? Handvaults? I dunno.

Here's what they look like mounted. Looks like you can still squeeze between cars in Metro Manila traffic! I'm sold!

2. The Kuryakyn Classic Tour Bag

This is why I'm planning to have a sissybar installed. This simply looks awesome, and can carry a lot!

Here's what it looks like mounted. That's so sick! I want them both so bad! I wonder what's the going rate on kidneys these days? Hehehehe!


France said...

My friend, Boogieman certainly knows a lot. Most especially with bike accessories. How I'd love to own those lovely bags. But, as what the Boogieman keeps telling me: "Go get your bike NOW!". Peace.

Masked Rider Boogaloo said...

So again...

Get your bike NOW!

France said...

Hehehehe... Thanks for responding to my post my friend... I owe you :)