Being a cager's the pits...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The commute to work was especially painful today. Took my mom's Pajero. I completely fogot how huge this freakin' car is. I had a hard time looking for a parking space.

On top of that, mom's whining about me sucking up her gas everytime I use her car. How I wish I could simply perform 2 cartwheels, and I'd be at work already.

This sucks major ass. Man, I wish my bike was done already.

But with the rising gas prices, I'm kinda leaning towards getting a lower displacement 2-wheeler. Preferrably a 250cc CVT type. Like...

A Honda Helix! Man look at that! looks like a freakin' boat! *hums "Thundersub" theme* I heard these were around during the 80's, so a 2nd hand unit shouldn't cost a lot.

Plus, it's got room for me, my girl and her baggage!
Check out the cruiser-ish handlebars! Man I so want one!