A Reunion, and The Boulevard Boyz 6th Anniv Party At Takaakis

Sunday, August 31, 2008

She's baaack! YAY! And good thing too, cause I got a party to hit up! I was gonna meet up with the NOS boys over at Park N' Fly in Paranaque at 6pm.

What's this? A newly re-upholstered seat? For me? Aw thanks, John!

6pm. Park N' Fly, Paranaque. Waiting for the rest of the NOS boys to show up.
Met up again with my first love. A ZZR1100. Damn, what a beauty. We will be together again someday. I swear it.

After stopping over at Shell macapagal to wait for the SPEARS club, we finally made it to the Boulevard Boyz Anniversary party. The Takaakis parking lot alone was a sight to behold. It's no Sturgis, but it sure came close! Bikes of all kinds were all gathered in one place. Choppers, Sportbikes, Sport-tourers, Trikes, Standards, you name it! Everytime a bike rolled by, a hush fell over the crowd, anxious to see what kind of awesomeness they will be exposed to. Of course, looking for a parking space was a challenge on its own. Hehehe!

As you can see, the place was totally packed.

Woohah! Hairmetal never dies in the Philippines! Sing it with me now! "... The Final Countdown!!!..."

Finally got my colors. Thanks Jauhn!

All in all, it was a great night. was among good company, met up with some old friends, and rocked out to old school hairmetal! THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!


France said...

Congratulations Boogieman! You finally got your colors! Whoo hoo!