Sunrise ride with the Sunset Riders... Makes sense?... Didn't think so...

Monday, November 24, 2008

The morning after bombing the town with the NOS Boys, I went on a ride to Tagaytay with my officemates. Now THAT'S a teambuilding event! Too bad we're from different teams.

I Met up with Jovs, Joveth, and EJ at Jollibee Madrigal at 4am. Then rode off to meet Karl at SM Molino at 5am. A bit of a ways further we met up with Emgrey and Grace.

Somwhere in Cavite, Emgrey got a flat, so we had to find a vulcanizer guy who's up at 6am. Well we found the guy and he was happy to oblige. WHile waiting we took the opportunity to take a few pics.

Early morning bike bling!

This is us finally finding a vulcanizing shop. Next task: Wake the guy up.

Of course a few group pics.

This is me asking Emgrey if everything's ok. And now that that's done, we sped off to Mahogany Market for some Bulalo. It was too dark inside the Mahogany Maket to take pics cause it wasn't well lit. So no pics.

Fast forward to Mushroom Burger. Heard so much about this place. Had to take pics.

I really don't get the "frostbite" poses, guys.

Emgrey's attempts at an artistic shot. The model looks high.

After that we headed out to the restos near Taal to take a gander at this ol' beaut... And to take more pics of course.

The Teriyaki Boy mascot has got to be THE most unfriendly looking mascot ever! He's got that "GETAWAYFROMME!" look on his face.

By the power of... Emgrey?!?!?