NOS Boys Saturday Night Bombing Run

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ok, little story first. On the way home Friday night, my headlamp went out. I was bummed. Went to Gil's The following day to have it looked at. Turns out the Bulb's busted. Gotta fork over some cash for a new one. Which leads us to a new problem. The headlamp assembly's pretty tight, so we(Gil, Jon, Pablo, Edward) couldn't figure out how to openi it without smashing it. However, I NEEDED a headlamp bad, so Gil ripped out a foglamp from a nearby truck, and slapped it onto my bike.

Here's Gil helping with the "calibration".

As you can see, the "wiring" is really truly "intricate".

Anyway, fast forward to 7pm. Gil and I were waiting for Jon, a newbie to arrive. Edwin's already with us and was simply warming his engine up. Jon shows up at 7pm on the dot, apologizing, and blaming Saturday night traffic. So we head out to Jolilbee, to meet up with Ed, Cicero, and Jauhn who's coming from work.
Gil's Honda Steed, and my Yamaha Dragstar.
Jon's Honda "CB550-engine-in-a-CB750-frame" custom bike, and Edwin's Honda Steed.

All in a row.

Turns out, Ed's at a carshow in SM MOA, and Cicero can't make it. So the minute Jauhn came over, from work, we sped off to Macapagal, taking the quickest "cop-free" route to meet up with Ed.
Gil decided to do a quick "round-the-mall" run. Great idea. After scaring random children, and setting off car alarms with the roar of our engines, we decided to hang out at Cafe de Lipa in Petron. Turns out Gil frequents the joint to work his magic on a young waitress who works there. The fun never stops for Gil. Hehehehe.

Ah, there you go, better lighting...

Another angle...


Yes, our bikes are cam whores.

Meh. Shaky hands give a bit of a hazy effect.

I finally hung out with the NOS boys again. It's been so long. Plus I REALLY needed this rideout.