Thursday, February 19, 2009


Short and sweet. Not a fan of details. I'm a guy, what'd you expect?

1. Jakie left me for another guy. That, and she wanted "space". Who cares? Same bullshit.

2. Been hanging out with my old college buddy who's now my officemate! Her name's Aya. She's cute. Veerrryy cute.

3. A few weeks later, Jakie asked if we could get back together.

4. I figured I've had it with her shit, so I turned her down.

5. Now I'm dating said college-buddy-turned-officemate.

6. I asked her to go steady with me.

7. She said yes.


8. We bought an XBOX 360.
Aya plays with it most of the time, though.

Quit hogging it, Aya!

9. We couldn't be happier.