NOS and SPEARS breakfast ride

Monday, September 15, 2008

Internet was shot again over the weekend. Had to do this at work. Anyway, I went on an early morning ride with the NOS boys and the SPEARS MC over at Macapagal last Sunday. As usual it was fun.

Here are the pics...

6am. Gil's house. Turns out Noel's there too.

7am. Shell Macapagal. First on the scene.

7:30am. Shell Macapagal. The SPEARS MC arrive.

8:30am. Chowking Macapagal. Right after a long ride mostly around SM MOA, and pissing off cyclists by yelling "LAAANCE AARRRMMMSTRROOONNGGG!!!" into their ear. Ok, actually I was the only one doing all the yelling and the pissing off of the cyclists. Nabbed the last 4 pics from Mommy Cynthia's cam.


. : DRAGORO : . said...

For a guy who loves blue, i wonder why you ride a red bike and hang out with people who dress in black..

Masked Rider Boogaloo said...

I'd change the color to blue if I had the moolah. Jakie says I should get a black shirt as well just so as to fit in. Hehehehe! Also, Gil's been buggin' me to paint the Dragstar black. Just like everybody else? Pass.